Apr 1, 2015 I am looking to switch to Hikari with just one connection pool and have the ... to do the work for you, but depending on the database, it is possible. ... We have one user that has literally several thousand pools in the same JVM.. Feb 26, 2020 HikariCP is solid high-performance JDBC connection pool. A connection pool is a cache of database connections maintained so that the ... When a pool is created, multiple connection objects are created and added to the.... InterMine now uses HikariCP as its default JDBC connection pool. ... reserved at the start and it is a ceiling to the number of connections a database can reach. ... This could be the case in development and when deploying multiple webapps.. In a multi-threaded application then multiple connections to the database may be ... HikariCP is a "zero-overhead" production ready JDBC connection pool.. We also have multiple instances of the application running at the same time, so this ... RELEASE HikariCP 3.2.0 JDK 1.8.0_144-b01 Database MySQL 5.6 Driver.... Apr 13, 2021 Connect to a database using Java JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, or via a remote application.. Sep 10, 2020 Beginning with Pega Platform 7.4, HikariCP manages connection pooling when a database is defined by URLs and maximum connections.... Dec 7, 2018 Spring Boot Multiple Database Configuration using gradle ... compile ('com.zaxxer:HikariCP:2.7.9') runtime('mysql:mysql-connector-java')... 31ebe8ef48










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